Add tree command to Git bash on Windows

If your Git bash on Windows is not shipped with tree command, you can reinstall it and choose use Git and optional Unix tools option on install or just add this command manually.

  • Reinstall Git for Windows

Download Git for Windows. During the installation, check the option Use Git and optional Unix tools when you are prompted to setup how to use Git from the command line. This option makes both Git and optional Unix tools to be added to your PATH. Then you can use Git bash like an Unix-style terminal.

  • Add tree command manually

Download Tree for Windows package, then extract the tree.exe from the package and copy it to the usr\bin folder under Git installation location like C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin. Then your Git bash will be ready to use tree command. Except putting the .exe file at a specific folder, an alternative method is adding the location of tree.exe to the PATH environment variable.

See make Git bash on Windows better for more utilities that can be added to Git bash.

July 14, 2020 cmd git-bash

A universal document converter -- Pandoc

Pandoc is a powerful document conversion tool, it is called swiss-army knife in this field. It understands many document formats, like markdown, ms word, pdf, html, etc. And it is free, you may install it as a command tool or try it online.

cmd dev

A tool showing cheatsheet for programming languages and Linux commands is a pretty useful tool that provides a cheat sheet for all you need like Linux commands, programming languages and DBMSes. You can use it to display usages of a Linux command, a code snip of a programming language like code for looping an array with PHP. For the moment, it covers 56 programming languages(C, awk, bash, PHP, Python, Perl, R, Ruby, JS, Go, Swift...) and 1000+ Linux commands.

cmd dev git-bash

Unix style terminals for Windows

If you need to run commands on Windows, it would be a much better choice to use an Unix style terminal to replace default Windows console. Here it introduces some good of them, like Git for Windows, Cmder, and a more powerful one Cygwin.